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Unlike most other manufacturers, our company provides you with unique properties that help to enhance our products. These include our company’s usage of 99.99% of pure copper to create all of our wires and cables. All these wires that are fabricated by us follow International Standards.
Our company’s newest product line, the Citizen Brand Fire Alarm Cable, can withstand temperatures of 900-1000? centigrade for more than 2 hours.
Additionally our cables’ insulating material contains High Insulation Resistance, helping to ensure maximum safety and preventing short circuits in any sort of hostile situations.
Our products are mostly produced by Japanese machineries under the BMRE program and are PLC programmed. Finally all our cables and wires are being manufactured using Flame Retardant Insulating material, therefore terminating the risk of Flame propagation in any kind of Fire Hazard phenomenon.
Copper Conductivity exceeds 100%, low electrical resistance, hence reducing the electricity bill.
Insulating materials contain High Insulation Resistance, ensures maximum safety, prevents short circuit in any kind of hostile condition and offers high voltage sustainability much greater than its designated specification.