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Citizen CNG Station
Why Compressed Natural Gas?

Compressed natural gas is a clean-burning fuel. It is actually the cleanest of all fossil fuels. Since natural gas is composed mainly of methane, burning it produces carbon dioxide and water vapor. These are the same compounds we exhale when we breathe. Meanwhile, petroleum produces higher carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. Burning fuel oil also produces ash particles that worsen the pollution.

CNG causes environment pollution that is totally negligible and the efficiency that the engines achieve, almost are as same as fossil fuels. That is why Compressed Natural Gas is the most reasonable option for automobile systems today.

Citizen CNG station is established in 2003 along with the capacity of 500 cubic meter of compressed natural gas and refilling capacity of 4 vehicles within 2 minutes at once.

Our station is open for 24 hours. All dispersions are computerized, originated from Canada; the compressor is from Knox Western, the gas engine is from Caterpillar and both are originated from United States of America.

The station utilizes special filtering and rectification system that allows no dust and air particles during the operation of delivering the gas into the vehicles.

Moreover, our station has the provisions for the occupation of Diesel and Octane fuel storage and refueling units as well for the customers’ ultimate satisfaction.