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Citizen Meter
Our meter factory is equipped with computerized automatic Test Bench for calibration and testing of meters. The high voltage testing machine for the insulation test of meters and electronically operated in our factory, with a phase of 200,000 pieces /annum that ensures high performance. Due to the increasing demand for our single phase analogue and electronic meters amongst customers, we have taken the initiative to install test benches with efficiency much as before for increasing the capacity denoted.

Our meters types are as follows:

1) Single Phase Meter:

a) CT-2007 Single Phase static kwhr Meter, LCD display with battery back up.
Rating: 230 V, 60 Ampere, 50 Hz, 1600 imp/Kwhr, Class-1
Neutral-Phase missing (Double Missing) meter.
b) CT-2007 Single Phase Static kwhr Meter, LCD display with battery back up, class-1.
Rating: 230 V, 10(60) Amps, 50 Hz, 1600 imp/Kwhr.
c) CT-2003 Single Phase Electromechanical Meter.
Rating: 450 Reverse Kwhr

2. 3 Phase, 4 Wire digital meters.

a) CT-2016, 3 Phase 4 wire double tariff meter
Rating: 3x230/400 V, 10(100) Amp, 50 Hz.
Class-1 (1000 imp/Kwh)
Class-2 (1000 imp/ Kvarh)

b) CT-2010, 3 Phase 4 wire double tariff LT/CT meter
Rating: 3x240/415 V, 5(6) Amps, 50 Hz.

c) WSE43N-11, 3 Phase 4 wire single tariff meter
Rating: 3x240/415 V, 10(100) Amps, 50 Hz.

Type: CT-2003 (450evs/KWH) Single phase kilowatt hour meter

Type: CT-2007 Single Phase KWHR METER digital KWH meter with LCD display

3.4 Outline Drawing

3.5 Connection Diagram:

3.6 Performan Curve

3.7 Typical Performance Curve

Type: CT-2007 Three phase four wire single tariff and also double tariff digital meter

Applied Standard

V IEC 62052-11 v IEC 62053-22(kWh, Class 1)
V IEC 62053-23 (kvarh,class 2 )v IEC 62056-21(Communication)
V IEC 62052-21 v IEC 62052_21 v IEC 62056-61(BIOS)

High Light Points

* Two Directions active .energy, security mode programmable, class 1.0 accuracy
* 4 quadrants reactive energy measurement (optional)
* Instantaneous kW, V, A, PF measurable
* Slide or Block type Maximum Demand configurable, MD interval can be programed
* Up to 8 channels Profile available
* LCD display with OBIS code
* Auxiliary power supply
* Tampering-proof functions
* Event logging
* Up to 12 months’ Historical Recordings