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Raw Material Test:
All raw materials undergo testing to ensure quality and sustainability of use in quality products. Our quality control department performs Purity, Elongation, Breaking Load, Resistance, and Torsion Test on Copper and Thermal Stability, Volume Resistivity, Elongation, Degree of Cross Link, Melt flow index, Carbon black content, FR-FRLS, Ageing test and all the other tests for Insulating Materials.

Routine Test during Manufacturing Process:
Production supervisors and engineers of each section are engaged to check the physical dimensions and visual compatibility of coppers, PVC/XLPE in every steps of manufacturing process.

Test of Finished Products:
All of our final products are tested for compliance with the relevant standard specifications, especially D.C. resistance, High Voltage, Insulation resistance, Partial Discharge (HV) and Current injection tests are applied to finished products in every batch of production line.

Citizen Cables Ltd does not compromise with quality and adhere to the strict quality controlling, management and assurance system. We do offer 30 years written Guarantee on every single product manufactured and assembled by us.


Citizen Meter Industry is completely equipped with the most updated testing laboratory and engineers with professional expertise. All of our meters are thoroughly tested according to BDS-IEC-62053-21:2013 standards in our own facility.

Under mentioned tests are executed in every single meter with profound attention and impeccability.

Starting current test at 40 mA.
High Voltage Test at 2KV for one minute.
No Load condition test.
Meter constant test.
Power consumption.
Error Limits test.

The tested products are forwarded to BSTI and on the basis of the re-test report; the products are delivered to our honorable customers with the test report. Quality and Transparency is our only concentration, hence Citizen Meter is considered to be one of the best brands in Bangladesh according to the consumers.