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‘Going green’ – it is a phrase that is becoming more and more common as people start to realize the enormity of the environmental challenges we all face. Itessentially means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.


In the venture of creating a substantial growth of our cable manufacturing process, Citizen Cables Ltd. is committed to sustainable development by means of social environmental growth and maintenance.OurB.K. Bari factory located in Gazipur, utilizes only 30% of the total land assets that facilitates the key production process of electric cables. The remaining 70 % area is completely premeditated with eco-friendly natural garden filled with Mango, Litchi, Banana and Lemon trees as well as a compilation various types of floral plantation. The vastly eco-friendly structure of the building not only benefits issues in reducing pollution, but also creates a healthy and safe environment for the working people.

Also, it goes without saying that, while we do process and produce electric cables, we ensure minimum disposal of fuel combustion and other chemicals with ZERO smoke emission.

In order to preserve the environmental ecosystem and equilibrium, Citizen Cables Ltd.annually engages in tree plantation nationwide in order to create a green revolution.

Upcoming Features and Amenities: CITIZEN TOWER

Our need extends as citizens starve of exposure to “urban green” that was enjoyed decades ago.With this noble thought we wished to portray the tower being set with exact same loftiness and be landscaped to fill in the most-missed element in Dhaka Street today—a Natural Environment filled with trees.

A system of greens, ranging from green ground cover to small and medium height shrubs to small trees have been planned as a built-in element to the building. These greens are, therefore to not only act as a very pleasant relief through which the office user will view across the long cityscape, but double-up as a screen to cut off glare.