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A. Social activities

1. Engr. Mohammad Ali Foundation (EMAF)

Engr: Mohammad Ali Foundation was founded in 2010 by the company for charitable works. The mission of this foundation is to give special privileges to students with high academic achievements and potentials every year. They are awarded with scholarships under EMAF so that they can further benefit their educational career for a better future. These scholarships are also awarded to under-privileged students from Dhaka University, Medical College and BUET.

JinnatulAfsarMohila College was established under Engr. Mohammad Ali Foundation (EMAF) by Mrs. Tahura Ali, MP and one of the Directors of our parent company, Citizen Cables Ltd. in the year of 2001. The location is at a very good atmosphere in the village ofNarundi, Jamalpur district. The mission of this college is to ensure remote area access to educate girls because we understand that almost 80% of the female population nationwide receives no education. The college hence offers free education for all.
In 2013, the college has been equipped with a science laboratory, an auditorium and a Hostel with the capacity to accomodate 26 students. At present the total number of students in Grade 11 and 12 are about 162, taught by qualified teachers. On average, 88% of students pass their HSC examination since inception.

EMAF sustains the total expenses of the college including remuneration to teachers and staff for the last 18 years. On the basis of the present and ongoing performance of the college, it has been listed in MPO by the Govt. effective from the year 2010.

EMAF provides treatment to the poor by arranging Medical Camp every year. Moreover, poor patients can get financial and all necessary support from the foundation.

2. Children’s Park

The children’s park has been established in the same location of our home village Narundi, Jamalpur district. Its primary purpose is to allow the scope for young children to get the benefit of a large place accessible for their recreational purposes where they can play and grow up to be the future generation we so wish to see in our country but are unable to provide due to the lack of space for extra curricular activities.

3. Winter Clothes’ Distribution

Every annual year, we distribute winter clothes all over the country to underprivileged people of the population such as labor workers, rickshaw pullers, street people etc.

4. Flood Relief

Citizen Cables Ltd. contributes in the donation of flood relief and charitable works in Satarkul and all the other water captivated areas around Dhaka City. These provisions include food supplies, clothing, shelter, medication and all the basic necessities for flood affected population.

5. Tree Plantation and Environmental awareness program

In order to preservethe environmental ecosystem and equilibrium, Citizen Cables Ltd, regularly engages in countrywide tree plantation and creates a green revolution. Our factory utilizes only 30% of total land assets as a manufacturing facility and the rest 70 % area is completely associated with Mango, Litchi, Banana and Lemon orchard as well as various species of floral garden.

6. Income generating program for unemployed individuals and poverty stricken women

Citizen Cables Ltd conducts multi-dimensional income generation objectives that introduce self-reliance and independence among facility absent population. The activities include:

a) Industrial, professional training and recruitment for vocational students.
b) Sewing, crafting and knitting training for poverty inflicted women, widows and underprivileged individuals.
c) Contribution in various cultivation, farming and harvesting programs for the poor to further benefit their income profitability.

B. National activities:

Mrs. Tahura Ali, one of the Directors of the Company, has been elected as the Member of Parliament of Bangladesh from Jamalpur-15 in 1996 and again in 2009 from Feni-18. As a Member of Parliament, Mrs. Ali remained dedicated in solving National and International issues like Poverty Elevation, Equal rights for Men and Women etc. She is one of the members of Ministerial Standing Committee for Commerce.

Mrs Ali visited EUROPEAN SEA FOOD EXPO-2010 in Brussels as the team leader to promote and implement the export of Bangladeshi fish market. Upon invitation by the Govt. she also visited Switzerland, Netherland, France and Greece and was accompanied by our MD. Engr.Mohammad Ali. In 1999 she participated in the WSC (World Science Conference) in Budapest, Hungary as one of the delegates from the parliament board.